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Hostel Sopotiera review
If you are on a budget Hostel Sopotiera is a good option. It has 8 renovated rooms on the 2nd floor of a historic building that includes a privat bathroom, tv and free wifi internet. There is no reception but it does have a public kitchen. Hotel Sopotiera is walking distance from Monte Cassino, the beach and the pier. There are some small food shops and a bus stop closeby too. Our room also had half of an enclosed balcony. The balcony is shared with the neighboring room and therefore has a foldable devider in the middle. The balcony is a nice place to sit and in our case it came in handy for placing some extra items. What makes Hostel Sopotiera special is that every morning a friendly staff member or the owner will bring freshly squeezed orange juice and croissants on a platter to your room. If you are still sleeping or don't answer they will leave it in the kitchen so you can get it later. Like in a hotel they also replaced some dirty towels after a few days and emptied the garbage can while we were out. On a more critical note there are some things worth mentioning too. The small rooms can be quite noisy to the point that you can overhear your neighbors talking. The privat bathroom with shower and toilet is great but at the same time it's very tiny. Taking everything into account though Hostel Sopotiera offers good value for money and they really do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. On the day of leaving it was no problem to check out a few hours later then normal for example.
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SopotieraBreakfast at Sopotiera

Villa 33
While searching the internet for an affordable place to stay Villa 33 also caught our attention. It's a big free standing house close to the beach that looks completely renovated and devided up into little apartments. The rooms look spacious and modern being devided by trendy colors. The rooms include their own bathroom too.
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Chinese hotel Zong Hua
Who would expect a chinese hotel in Sopot? Well turns out there is quite a nice one almost right on top of the beach and very close to the city centre. The rooms are Chinese themed in a stylish way. There is also a restaurant in the hotel and other facilities.
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Hotel Zong HuaZong Hua Sopot

Sofitel Grand Hotel
The Grand Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Sopot with a lot of history. Together with the Sheraton it's probably one of the most expensive too. It has a beautiful garden with fountains leading right up to the beach. It's worth taking a picture of it. At night time the hotel and garden are lit up beautifully. View rooms, prices and availability

Grand Hotel SopotGrand Hotel by Night

Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel is another luxury hotel with spa located next to the Grand Hotel in the city centre. It was home to Irish football team during the European chamionships 2012 but from the outside the Sheraton doesn't compare to the Grand Hotel in my opnion.
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Sheraton Hotel in Sopot

Hotel Haffner
Hotel Haffner is also worth mentioning as a luxury place to stay. It has a big indoor pool.

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