Day trip to Gdynia (Poland)

Visiting Gdynia
On the other side of Sopot you will find the city of Gdynia. The main attraction here is a wide dock where you will find two ships that havebeen turned into floating museums and the Aquarium of Gdynia. From the train station it's about a 20 minute walk going down hill on a busy street with lots of shops including a shopping mall called Batory. On this road you will also find a tourist office. Around the beginning of the dock there is another little mall and restaurants with outdoor terraces. On the dock self you will find more restaurants, a small tourist office and many souvenir shops. You can also take a boat tour on a pirate ship from here. Interestingly you can also take a ferry to Sweden from Gdynia. It's operated by Stenaline and costs around 50 euro.

Gdynia Shopping MallGdynia City

Warship museum Blyskawica (H34)

The first thing you will see at the dock is an old torpedo warship called Blyskawica that has been turned into a museum. The name means lightning in English. To enter this old warship you can buy tickets at the ticket shop located at the beginning of the dock. The price per person is 8 swotty. On the upper deck you will find the workings of a torpedo on display and other features of the ship that include written explanations in English. On the inside you can tour the inner parts of the ship and an interesting gallery has been made about the Polish naval history including miniature ship replicas, uniforms, guns and other items from the past and that can be viewed from behind glass. There is also a tribute to former navy captains including a captain who recently died in Smolensk plane crash.

Blyskawica Warship Museum in GdyniaNavyShip in Gdynia

View from boatTribute to navy captain

Ship Museum Dar Pomorza
Dar Pomorza is a sailship
with an engine build in 1908 and has been transformed to a museum. You can buy tickets (8 PLN per person) on board and walk all around the ship including the inside which shows what life on board was like. On deck there are plenty of opportunities to take nice photos.

Dar Pomorza ShipShip wheel

Museum Dar PomorzaInside Dar Pomorza

The Aquarium of Gdynia

Aquarium GdyniaGdynia Aquarium

Statues at the end of the dock
At the end of dock you will also find some impressive statues. There is a tourist office too with information about Gdynia and boat trips you can take from the dock. Beside a normal ferry type boat there is also a pirate ship that you board similar to the one in Sopot.

Statues in GdyniaDock in Gdynia

Other things to see in and around Gdynia

Cliff and pier in Orlowo, Modernism of Gdynia, Michelinki Beach, Hel peninsula
, Gdynia Motor Museum, Gimini shopping Mall, Klif shopping mall.

Polish Flag

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