Day trip to Gdansk (Poland)

Visiting Gdansk
Gdansk is a historical city worth visiting while you are in Sopot. It takes about 30 minutes by train to get there from Sopot. There are several stops in Gdansk but the last stop takes you closest to the historic sights. Coming out the station you need to cross a busy street via a tunnel. On the other side go to the right and keep walking until you see the Golden Gate on the left. There is a tourist office just before that where you can get a handy map with all the hotspots of Gdansk. It tells you exactly where to go and what to see. The main attraction is Long Street. Here you will find the Neptune statue flanked by long rows of restored houses that once belonged to affluent Gdansk families. I have been told that by looking at the colors of a house you could tell how a rich a family was in those days. On Long Street you will pass Town Hall with the clock tower that is now home of the Gdansk History Museum. If you are getting hungry Long Street is a great place to eat something. On both sides of the street you can find many restaurants serving typical Polish food and other dishes. Eventhough it's a major tourist area the prices are still quite reasonable but higher then elsewhere. At the end of Long Street you will come to a bridge with typical Fachhaus houses on the right and a busy path along the water on the left. This path has many restaurants and shops selling amber jewellery. Apparently the Baltic region is a good place to find amber which is fossilized tree resin in a transparant orange color. Along the path you will find another replica of a pirate ship that you can board for a trip at sea. A little further down there is another dock for boat tours with a different type of boat.

Golden Gate GdanskLong Street Gdansk
On the left the Golden Gate entrance to Long Street (on the right).

Neptune Statue GdanskTown Hall Gdansk
Neptune Statue on the left and Town Hall on the right.

Restaurants on Long StreetHistoric Houses on Long Street Gdansk
Restaurants and historic houses on Long Street

Pirate Ship on Motlawa riverMotlawa River side
Path along the Motlawa river with Pirate Ship, amber shops and restaurants

Post Office GdanskPostal Monument Gdansk Post Office Museum of Gdansk and a monument for the defenders of it

St Catherines ChurchMadison Shopping mall St Catherine's Church and in the same area shopping mall Madison

Other things to see in Gdansk center
Upland Gate, Great Armoury, St George's Fraternity Court, Uphagen House, Artus Court, New Bench House, Golden House, Green Gate, St Mary's Church, Royal Chapel, St Nicholas' Church, St Bridget's Church, St John's Church, St Elizabeth's Church, St Joseph's Church, St Peter and Paul's Church, Holy Trinity Church, National Museum, Town Hall of the Old City, Grand Mill, National Maritime Museum, Lighthouse, Vistula Mouth Fortress, Stronghold Fort, Millenium Cross, Cemetery of Non-existent Cemeteries, Museum of Polish Post, Monument to the defenders of Westerplatte, Monument to the Fallen Shipyard workers, Roads to freedom exhibition, Oliwa Catherdral, Abbot's Palace, Balticka Shopping mall (includes a Starbucks)

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