Attractions & sights in Sopot

An overview of attractions and sights in Sopot
The main attractions are the beach and pier but there are plenty of other things to see and do. Below our some pictures of famous landmarks. Sopot is historically known as a spa & wellness center offering health treatments with rich mineral waters that come from deep underground wells. During the summer you could come across several festivals and events that are being held in Sopot. We came across an outdoor dog frisbee contest in one of the parks where owners throw a frisbee and their dog needs to chase it and catch it in the air. Quite interesting to watch! For active people there is cycling, tennis, go-karting and various watersports like jetskiing, parasailing or babana boats. We even saw paragliders with engines flying low overhead.
Swimming in the sea is obvious but there is also an Aquapark with several different pools and slides. Other points of interest include the Forest Opera an open air amphitheatre and the hippodrome with horse competitions. The nightlife in Sopot is bustling with lots of restaurants, bars and clubs. Outside of Sopot a day trip to Gdansk and Gdynia with SKM train is also very much worth it. These cities have their own attractions and just like in Sopot you can sail along on a recreated pirate ship which includes a free drink on board.

The beach and the pier of Sopot

The market and the main square of Sopot

Krzywy Domek SopotFisherman Statue Sopot
Krzywy Domek the 'crooked house' and the fisherman statue on Monte Cassino street

Crooked House at nightSt George Church The Crooked House and St George Church lit up at night on Monte Cassino street

inhalation mushroom fountain sopotChurch in Sopot by night The inhalation mushroom fountain with healing water and Evangelical-Augsburg Church.

Pizzeria SopotRestaurant Szeyk Sopot Restaurants on Monte Cassino Street Sopot

SKM trainChopin Statue Sopot SKM train at Sopot train station and Chopin statue near the station

Gdansk FachhausGdynia
Excursions to Gdansk and Gdynia

ice creamwaffles
Typical snacks in Sopot. Ice cream & waffles mmm

More information about tourist attractions can be acquired at the local tourist office.
It's located close on the main square in Sopot.

ul. Dworcowa 4, 81-704 Sopot
Phone +48 58 550 37 83

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